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oo-product-community-wDesigned specifically for local government,
Community is the end-to-end solution that delivers choice.

Encompassing Financials, Property and Rating, Asset Management, Licensing, Compliance and Local Services, Community delivers flexibility in a fully integrated council wide solution. By choosing the modules you need, when you need, Community can change and evolve as you do.

With flexibility to add and change modules at any time, Community delivers improved productivity: with greater integration and automation.

Our Solutions

Searching for something specific?

Open Office delivers a best-of-breed solution for more than 70 modules that can be easily integrated with your current operating systems. If you are after a unique solution, chances are that we already have it.

Community 24x7

Our Online portals change the way you operate,  providing the public with 24×7 access to services such as payment processing, Daycare bookings, Planning applications and other online services. Give your customers freedom with the convenience they deserve.


Community Engagement Platform

Change the way you work and provide unparalleled community service through the intuitive design, user-friendly interface, and feature-rich functionality of Open Office’s leading enterprise solutions for local government.

The Open Office Community Engagement Platform provides the foundation for creating a two-way flow of data critical for achieving meaningful engagement and collaborative relationships between agencies and the communities in which they operate.

By enabling businesses and Community members to effectively manage and participate in key Government functions when, where, and how they want to, the Community Engagement Platform makes it easier for the Public sector to conduct Government business. Engaging residents and ratepayers not only promotes a more collaborative and customer-centric approach to public service delivery, it encourages Community-driven innovation.

Portals provide controlled remote access to sections of your applications for use by stakeholders including staff, board, sub-contractors, clients and partners. Encouraging appropriate levels of user self-service cuts out re-work vastly improving data quality, process efficiency and timeliness.

Build bridges between Government and Community and leverage the benefits and urban innovation opportunities that come from involving Customers in defining priorities, processes, and use of public assets.


Event Bookings

Organisations are increasingly seeking to expand their influence, stakeholder leadership and information outflow through the consistent operation of stakeholder events. Effective management is required to maximise the benefits regardless of whether the event is operated on an income, break-even or free-to-air basis.

A positive event experience begins at the point of interest registration and confirmed bookings. Overall stakeholder management outcomes are best advanced through the capture of the event transaction within the stakeholder record – you should know who comes to your events, and in which of your other services they participate.

Open Office’s Event Booking Module provides everything you need to achieve high quality efficient and effective events bookings in a stand-alone environment, or as a coordinated part of your stakeholder services.


Central Enrolments

Consistent and appropriate use of policy is the basis of best practice management of equitable access to vital community resources. Australia’s childcare enrolment system is further complicated as parents make applications at multiple providers hoping to achieve preference of location and perceived quality of care in an over-subscribed market.

Systemic support is required to help manage service utilisation as emergency situations arise, and as parents’ needs change over time.

Open Office’s Central Enrolments Module provides everything you need to achieve high quality efficient and effective management of central enrolments to limited community childcare resources.

Offering extensive reporting capabilities and a range of strategic business tools, you will be assisted in decision-making via improved data accuracy, automation of time-consuming processes, and instant, verifiable, and transparent access to information.

Finance, HR & Payroll

Open Office’s Finance Solution encompasses complete Financials, Human Resources and Payroll. Our Seamless integration provides a superior user experience and cloud enabled flexibility in accessing financial data. Increase productivity and effectiveness by bringing people, processes and technologies together.

Training management

Training Management

The managed development of staff is a critical factor in the creation and maintenance of high performing teams – improving productivity and improving staff retention. It is one of the strongest tools for influencing organisational change within your company, and for influencing culture and behaviours within partner organisations.

Systems to assist in identifying and transacting internal and partner-based training are vital to realising your training intentions. Without systems support, tracking and facilitation of training staff will often not make use of training that is offered to them.

Open Office’s Training Management Module provides everything you need to manage the ongoing development of your staff, and to facilitate their access to the training you have made available.



Payroll solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, is designed for easy payroll processing. It automates payroll processes, payroll calculations and use a logical workflow which means that payroll can be processed quickly and easily.

Payroll can be processed by company, pay cycle, location, Pay class, and group or for a single employee. Payroll module enables as many pays to be processed per cycle as you need.

Payroll module provides you with built in measures to highlight any areas that may need to be checked before the payroll process is completed (such as missing bank accounts details, staff who have taken leave in excess of their entitlement).

Property, Licensing and Compliance

Our Property, Licensing and Compliance Management Suites helps customers simplify community and consumer permit processes as well as comply with regulations associated with local laws, waste water, environmental health and other statutory obligations.


Health Manager

Designed in collaboration with Environmental Health Officers (EHOs), Health Manager is the leading solution for environmental health activities.

High integrity management of environmental health issues, premises, equipment and licenses is a critical success factor for any organisation charged with the responsibility of enacting public health regulation.

Easily deployed on-premises or in the cloud, Health Manager helps EHOs better track and register all Food and Health Premises, WasteWater, Tobacco Retailers and Cooling Towers.

Open Office’s Health Manager Module provides everything you need to achieve high quality operation of your health management responsibilities while improving visibility, transparency and increasing productivity.

waste water

Waste Water

Management of water resources and waste water is of increasing importance both to premises operators and to organisations with the responsibility of enforcing the relevant health management regulations.

Open Office WasteWater delivers full lifecycle management of WasteWater permits. Complemented with Health Manager and Mobile Health to provide a complete Environmental Health solution.

Completely integrated on any platform, WasteWater provides better management and efficiency for WasteWater compliance. With the ability to add samples, inspections, notices, infringements and produce a wide range of user defined and standard reports, WasteWater will effectively manage all your waste water requirements.


Council Properties

Effective management of income producing assets requires a consistent and thorough focus on contracts, interactions and payments with a variety of internal and external lessees and tenants. Best practice involves a unified view of a mix of relationship management, cost tracking, contract management and programmed maintenance.

Visibility and control are required to optimise income, reduce costs and manage relationships.

Open Office’s Real-Estate Asset Management Module provides everything you need to achieve high quality efficient and effective management of your building assets.



Animal registration is one of the major contact points between many local councils and their constituents. As such it is worth doing efficiently and with the greatest possible levels of customer service.

Open Office’s Animal Management Module provides everything you need to achieve high quality efficient and effective management of the animals located within your jurisdiction including registration lodgement, renewals, effective stakeholder communication processes, correspondence management and online payment processes.

With direct links to your existing finance system and authorised officer mobility solutions you can increase efficiency when registering animals.


Building Applications

Best practice services call for highly efficient application of due process, decision support and exemplary stakeholder communication and customer service throughout the building application process.

Open Office’s Building Application Module provides everything you need to achieve high quality efficient and effective execution of fully managed building application processes.


Town Planning

Effective management of Town Planning practices requires a combination of the assured application of due process, decision support, structured stakeholder communication and prompt managed customer service. An increasingly sophisticated stakeholder group consisting of developers, engineering partners, utilities and other government authorities is placed to make effective use of portal and self service functions generating further efficiency and improved information quality.

Open Office’s Town Planning Module provides everything you need to achieve high quality efficient and effective execution of fully managed Town Planning processes.


Cemetery Management

The responsibility for the appropriate management of cemeteries is shared across various levels of government and individual cemetery trusts and covers everything from financial and regulatory compliance, reporting, licensing and the effective management of lands and assets.

System support is required to help all of the involved organisations and their staff to achieve consistent high quality management across the wide variety of different cemetery conditions.

Open Office’s Cemetery Management Module provides everything you need to achieve high quality efficient and effective cemetery management.


Licence Management

High integrity management of licences and licencees is a critical success factor for any organisation charged with the responsibility of enacting public regulation.

Open Office’s Licence Manager Module provides everything you need to achieve high quality management of your licences and licencees.



Local Laws

Councils have an array of local laws, permits and licenses to manage – and while these range from high to low risk activities, they all form part of the quality perception, integrity and customer service of the organisation.

Open Office’s Local Laws Module provides everything you need to achieve high quality efficient and effective execution of local laws. This includes the ability to easily add or modify your own local license categories, charges and conditions.

Service Management

Consolidate government operations and integrate information throughout the entire organisation. Open Office modules simplify processes across a broad range of services delivering real efficiency gains to all stakeholders. Keep track of your service delivery and centralise your management with Open Office.


Open Office Customer Service

Effective customer service does not happen by accident. It requires a “service quality management” approach in which services have defined methods of delivery (process), and service quality targets (expected time to deliver).

Every customer service request needs to be tracked, logged, traceable and visible through to a complete request closure state. Where necessary, different categories of requests need to be channelled to suitably trained staff who have been authorised to execute those processes.

Every customer interaction (by phone, fax, email, letter or online access) should be captured to give you the greatest visibility and corporate memory of your transactions.

Open Office’s Customer Service Module provides everything you need to achieve high quality efficient and effective execution of fully managed customer service processes.

Don’t have all your processes defined? That’s OK. Start simple, then implement and improve your services on a “continuous improvement” basis using the administrators “no programming required” interface.

Asset Management

AssetMaster delivers a user friendly, single repository of all asset data, providing better management and tracking of maintenance, and improving asset related business decisions. Manage and monitor assets throughout their entire lifecycle.



Asset management addresses the entire lifecycle of an asset from acquisition to retirement or lease expiration. The effectiveness of asset management determines the total cost of ownership and consequently impacts the quality, frequency and cost of service delivered.

With a user friendly, single pane view of all asset data, AssetMaster drives better planning and transparency for effective asset management.

AssetMaster helps correlate maintenance requirements with service strategy, asset performance standards and risk management for enhanced asset management.

Assets can be grouped into categories and works are easily tracked for the full lifecycle, a complete history of work orders, associated purchase orders, budgets and invoices are stored in a central, searchable database. By linking people, place and materials to assets, the use cost and value is easily managed.

Using AssetMaster you can provide a single source of information to users. Seamless integration across the enterprise and increases automation, improves visibility and saves time.

This allows you to reduce costs, minimize risk and increase service delivery responsiveness and revenue. Asset management involves the whole lifecycle of an asset from purchase to asset retirement or lease expiration.

AssetMaster gives you a clear picture of where cost savings can be made and will help to reduce the total cost of ownership. It also features financial integration, spatial decision support, and predictive modelling – features that have been overlooked in many Asset Management systems in the past.

The Asset Register also links to other closely tied services like lease management, warranty and maintenance. Without these details, you can’t effectively measure how much your assets are costing you.

AssetMaster’s capabilities maximize the lifetime value of complex assets and closely align them with your overall business strategy.

Mobile Workforce

We have an app for that! With automation switching between online and offline, Open Office’s Mobile modules deliver efficiency, continuity and convenience to a mobile workforce.



The Open Office platform provides a complete mobility solution to support the efficient and effective operation of remote and field-based staff, staff and stakeholder access.

Open Office software is designed from the ground up to support strongly secured internet portal access and the use of hand-held devices in an off-line or fully on-line capacity to give you the greatest flexibility in reaching out beyond the boundaries of your office walls.

Online access to your quality management processes and complete information resources from hand held devices, tablets and laptops is the next major step in empowering your field agents to be more effective and efficient in their daily activities.

Popular mobility solutions include direct database updates, on-site access to audit histories, inspection checklists, past correspondence and other information as well as access to GIS coordinates and mapping to help your staff plan and locate their appointed audits, site inspections, meetings and reviews.

Empowering your stakeholders to undertake their own work – within the controlled confines of access to specifically designed managed business process is the most popular step towards high-value, business relationship building efficiency improvement.

Mobility access is the next big thing in business process efficiency and service quality – and Open Office is here to help you achieve the benefits of this technology capability in your environment.

Why choose Open Office?

Flexibility and adaptability

The unique modular design enables you to quickly adapt to organisational change, easily altering deployments to evolve with your business.

Reduce delivery timeframes

Delivered by industry specialists, Community’s enhanced integration reduces deployment complexities, ensuring you quickly receive the benefit of your investment.

Cost of ownership

Community delivers greater operational efficiencies. License and maintenance costs alone can be reduced by up to 300%